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Your birth can be a defining moment in your life. It can be extremely empowering and one of your greatest teachers. In the book, The Call of the Wild, Jack London captures Buck's experience of connecting to his lost instinct so beautifully: "He was sounding the deeps of his nature, and of the parts of his nature that were deeper than he, going back into the Womb of Time." Childbirth is perhaps the only event that truly connects us to our instinctual selves and it transforms us, turning us into mothers.


I began working with families as a doula in 2007. Throughout this time I've cultivated a wealth of knowledge and experience that I share with my clients so they can have the best possible birth experience, no matter what unfolds along the journey. Over the years, I've discovered that supporting women through childbirth is much less about what I can bring to the birth and much more about guiding the mother to tap into her intuition and find the strength inside herself. I am there to support you with information and comfort measures and to guide you to tap into your strength, find your voice, give birth instinctually, and make empowered decisions during the process. 

What you can expect from me...


As you navigate your birthing options, you may want the feedback and support of an experienced guide. I provide information and resources throughout your pregnancy designed to help you ask the right questions as you prepare you for birth and the transition to parenthood.

Emotional Support

This is a life-changing experience and you may experience a wide range of emotions. I allow you to be true in your emotions, respond without judgment, and remind you that you are capable, strong, and can trust your intuition. 


Whether you are giving birth at home or in the hospital, your care provider joins you toward the end of the birth process.  I join you when you are starting to feel like you need more support, so you can progress through your birth fully supported.


If ever an intervention is suggested or a decision needs to be made, I help ask the questions you need answered to make a decision you feel good about, and can suggest alternatives that align with your birth goals.  

Guidance for Partners

It's tough to remember everything you’ve learned about childbirth and partners especially benefit from some guidance. My role is to remind them of their resources and make suggestions based on their comfort level. We work as a team.

Support Your Preferences

You may already have decided what type of birth experience you’d like to have and want an additional layer of non-judgemental support for you and your partner. I provide information, so you can make informed decisions and will support whatever decisions you reach.

Knowledge & Experience

There are so many things you can do in childbirth to be more comfortable and help your baby navigate their way into the world. I’ll be there to help you with various comfort measures, suggest positions to help the baby descend, and utilize all the tips and tricks of the trade.

Develop Inner Resources

You may not realize it now, but you have a lot of wisdom to bring to your birthing experience.  Thinking introspectively during this process can help you tap into this inner reservoir of wisdom and strength. I ask questions and practice active listening to help you identify your inner wisdom and then I remind you to tap into it during your birth.

Plan for Postpartum

 While the birth process is really important, you’ll need to be prepared for life after the baby is born, too. It’s so critical at this point to have a web of support for your postpartum adjustment. I help you think through your needs and hope to start a dialogue between both partners so they can make conscious choices for their family. 

Create a Calm Atmosphere

Sometimes emotions can run high during childbirth. I am super calm and soothing and can provide some assurance that things are “normal,” so everyone can relax into the experience.

Postpartum Support

You may want support to help your family adjust and recover from childbirth. I offer extended postpartum support that includes breastfeeding support, instruction on newborn care, meal preparation, photography, and a chance to rest and recover.

Lifestyle Photography

I capture candid images once the baby is born for you to reflect on throughout the years.

Contact Me

Let's begin our conversation over e-mail. If my services align with your needs, then we'll set a time to meet in person or over Zoom for an interview.